Trace Creek Ranch

Around the Farm

Beautiful pictures of the farm.  Photo Credit: Neville Beaumont Photography

These girls are already showing great promise.  They have great genetics and most of them are either triplets or quads.

It is so relaxing to sit on the front porch with a glass of sweet homemade lemonade and watch the sheep play.  They are the most amusing animals to watch.  Farm life is good for the soul. 04/30/19

Spring 2019 lambs are arriving! They are such adorable bundles of joy for all of us on the farm.  04/16/19

Pregnant Ewes on the Farm ready to deliver this years Spring lambs.  So exciting!!!

We like to take pictures of some of the fun we have on the farm.  Enjoy!


  • Throwback look on last years Spring lambs.  Looking forward to what this year brings.

  • I Have No Special TALENTS. I am only PASSIONATELY CURIOUS.
    { Albert Einstein }

  • Ezra wasn’t happy that he didn’t get the girls, but Redman did.  We came out to find him wearing “war paint” from rubbing the gate.  Poor Ezra.

  • We got the girls moved for the winter

  • Decided to grind my own lamb this year.  First attempt was successful!

  • Icy farm sunset on a very cold day

  • It’s a Toby’s life 🙂


  • Nothing beats a beautiful sunset out in the country on a quiet farm.


  • Beautiful rainbow over the property.


  • Making fresh grape juice from grapes grown on the property.


  • Our hens are very happy campers searching for bugs in the morning.


  • Everything is more beautiful in the country.


  • Our daughter, Katie, drowning a worm in our pond on a nice cool afternoon.

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  • Its not all leisure; we do have to get out and work daily, but we make it fun too 🙂


  • Wild Turkey


  • Darrel and Silver in a race.  Great owner, and a beautiful, strong horse make a great team.


  • Our farm can’t have enough flowers.  They make everything smell and look so beautiful.


  • We occasionally have a few that tag along.

We sure do love our vegetables and fruits we grow here on the farm.

img_20160716_162930 img_20160717_183834


 Horses around the farm.  Aren’t they absolutely stunning?

DSCF5108 DSCF5166 Onyx Alex 7 dscf5091 dscf5120 dscf5140 dscf5152 dscf5165 dscf5175 dscf5575

Look at all of our happy sheep.  They are such peaceful animals.

DSCF5600               DSCF5606 DSCF5593 DSCF5622 DSCF5621 13315746_254725974894802_1171161945571340929_n 13419080_254725891561477_8369976193819558801_n